ButterCMS plugin for NEAR Protocol

We continue our research path in the field of NEAR integrations and various no-code and low-code platforms. In this article, we will focus on integrating the well-known NEAR Protocol and API-first headless ButterCMS. In this project you will learn how to integrate NEAR protocol with ButterCMS by creating a simple blog system in which users can access to any articles by paying the author of the article a certain amount of NEAR token.

What is NEAR?

Near is a secure decentralized platform for building blockchain-based dApps that can manage digital assets and identities. According to the developers of the protocol, the application can be deployed in just a few minutes. The main mission of the NEAR project is to make the development, use and maintenance of applications useful to people as simple as possible.

Advantages of the NEAR platform:

  • Progressive security. Users do not need any keys or browser extensions to register and access applications, which only complicate access. Instead, an email address and password will suffice.
  • Smart contracts compatible with the WebAssembly Virtual Machine (WASM).
  • Detailed application templates that you can use to develop your own.
  • Royalty. The protocol supports the ability to receive a portion of the transaction fees that go through the application's smart contract.
  • Scalable and high performance blockchain applications that are easy to deploy in minutes.

The value of NEAR Protocol for developers

Today, it is not often possible to find companies and projects that are in the public domain for everyone and where anyone can contribute to the development and development. We are very fortunate that NEAR is one of those companies.

The fact is that NEAR solves one of the existing problems of protocols - ease of use.

NEAR is a developer-friendly blockchain that includes a number of innovations to increase scalability and reduce costs for developers and end users. According to the creators, the application on Near can be launched in just 5 minutes.

Near is open source, anyone can start contributing to its development.

It is much easier to develop and deploy applications on NEAR than on other protocols. And more importantly, users can use applications deployed on NEAR without knowing what a blockchain, transaction, or private key is.

Blockchain protocols are historically designed with the goal of maximum reliability, not user convenience. In many ways these goals lead to inconsistent requirements, and the topic of developing protocols that can be used by non-technical people but are reliable enough for scenarios where losing an account could cost millions of dollars is a topic for a separate article.

Butter CMS and NEAR

The integration of NEAR and Butter CMS was not the first in this big project. Earlier we talked about integration with other no-code platforms link and link.

ButterCMS is an API-first headless CMS for rapidly building CMS-powered apps and websites in any programming language. Great for blogs, dynamic pages, and more.

A headless content management system, or headless CMS, is a back-end only content management system (CMS) built from the ground up as a content repository that makes content accessible via a RESTful API for display on any device.

In order to visually demonstrate how the integration can be used in everyday life, we have created a demo project on ButterCMS. We integrated NEAR Protocol with ButterCMS by creating a simple blog system in which users can access to any articles by paying the author of the article a certain amount of NEAR token.

Screenshot of integration demo

To learn more about integrating NEAR Protocol and ButterCMS, we invite you to watch some video tutorials where we will go into more detail about the platforms and how the integration process went. We wish you a pleasant viewing!

NEAR Integration with ButterCMS Introduction

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NEAR Integration with ButterCMS Front-end Setup

NEAR Integration with ButterCMS Front-end Explanation

NEAR Integration with ButterCMS Final Words