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Kiews expanded the NEAR blockchain integration system

In 6 months, our team of specialists created more than 10 integrations with various platforms based on the NEAR blockchain for NEAR: ButterCMS, Webflow, AppGyver, Zapier, Hubspot, Make (Integromat), Contentful, CarrdCMS, Flutter, Bildr.

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Webflow plugin for NEAR Protocol

It's no secret that today the world has plunged headlong into a new era of digital technology. More and more...

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AppGyver plugin for NEAR Protocol

The era of new digital technologies opens up incredible opportunities and changes the world every day...

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Zapier plugin for NEAR Protocol

What happens when you combine a progressive open source blockchain platform designed for fast and convenient...

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Blockchain platforms

Are you building decentralized applications based on blockchain and want to expand your ecosystem?

We are ready to cooperate with blockchains in order to expand your ecosystem and increase audience coverage. Make your blockchain accessible to everyone! By creating plugins through the use of APIs and smart contracts, Kiews is able to make your blockchain available to no-code and low-code platform users in a few clicks.

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Businesses Web2.0

Do you have a Web2.0 platform and need to store a lot of data? Secure your work - integrate blockchain technology into your business!

Connect Web2.0 platform to web3.0 by implementing blockchain technology. This will increase the safety of work, speed up the exchange of information and ensure transparency. The team of Kiews specialists will help to integrate almost any blockchain into your business processes.

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