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We have created ready-to-use NEAR Protocol integrations for 10 no-code and low-code platforms that will help you integrate the NEAR protocol into your project in a few minutes!

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Integrations to make your work easier

Our team of specialists created 10 NEAR Protocol integrations with popular no-code and low-code platforms: Butter CMS, Webflow, AppGyver, Zapier, Hubspot, Make (Integromat), Contentful, Carrd CMS, Flutter and Bildr.

Integrations that open up
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NEAR Protocol - Make (formerly Integromat) plugin shows possible NEAR Protocol integrations available on Make
Use case
Near Protocol - Make (formerly Integromat)

Using the example of NEAR Protocol Integration with Make (formerly Integromat), you will be able to automate processes that you currently handle manually. It is not only capable of connecting apps but can also transfer and transform data.

More than 150 platforms are available for automation within the NEAR Protocol - Make plugin at the moment!

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How do plugins work?

Most platforms have been integrated with the NEAR API through the NEAR Javascript (JS) SDK.

User authentication

Managing and storing the user authentication tokens/keys happens via the FunctionCall key. Unlike the FullAccess key, which is also available for use through the NEAR API, the FunctionCall key allows you to maintain privacy and protect user data.

Call methods

In each integration, you will find common methods called using the NEAR API: user authentication, wallet connect, calling contract methods (both view and change functions), sending tokens, contract methods parser.

NEAR Protocol plugins will allow you to implement a variety of scenarios for your project.

Use case
Near Protocol - Zapier

In this user case, integration with Zapier is presented as a meme-museum-tracker where every time a new meme appears, a user pays X amount of NEAR tokens to his friend.

Check out the video to see the NEAR Protocol integration with Zapier and how it works.

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